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The Wellington is one of the oldest Coaching Inns in Cornwall, dating back to the 17th Century. After changing its name from The Bos Castle Hotel to The Wellington Hotel in 1852, the hotel became known as the Scott’s Wellington Hotel after the owners at the time. Over 150 years later, the hotel has returned to the ownership of the Scott family. Jonathan and Lesley Scott, who are yet to discover any direct family connection with the original owners, acquired the hotel in early 2011 and are keen to maintain the history and records of the hotel.

The Boscastle flood in 2004 caused significant damage to the hotel but fortunately some of the most valuable guest books dating from 1860 were not at the hotel at the time. You can see the height that the flood water rose to by looking at the water level marker at the gallery in the bar. Much of the hotel has since been restored and its history remains unchanged.

Over the past, there have been many famous visitors to the Wellington and many other not so famous guests have stayed and returned to the hotel. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that as many people in the future have the opportunity to visit and enjoy both Boscastle and the Wellington. We are therefore doing the best we can to develop the hotel as a sustainable business that will stand the test of time with minimal impact on our environment.

This approach covers all aspects of the hotel from the sourcing of products and ingredients to the recycling of waste, from cleaning fluids to water and energy management. As members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, we are pledging to improve our approach each year.

Our goal is for the Wellington to be here for many more years and for it to continue to provide the same enjoyment as it has done in the past.